Kaye/Bassman’s Greg Zoch featured in AllHealthcareJobs.com “5 Ways to Get Ahead”

Kaye/Bassman’s Greg Zoch featured in AllHealthcareJobs.com “5 Ways to Get Ahead”



Kaye/Bassman’s Greg Zoch featured in AllHealthcareJobs.com “5 Ways to Get Ahead”

Dallas, Texas, 10/9/2012:

Greg Zoch
, Managing Partner and a nursing recruiting consultant at leading executive search firm Kaye/Bassman International, is featured sharing his expertise and perspectives in AllHealthcareJobs.com.


The daily hustle and bustle of working in the healthcare industry can make it easy to put off planning for long-term career goals. Yes, working in healthcare is demanding, but if you ultimately want to get off that career treadmill and move up the corporate ladder, you still need a long-term career strategy.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your career strategy alive.

Never stop learning

“Invest in yourself, in terms of leadership training, education and certification,” says Greg Zoch, partner and managing director of Kaye/Bassman International, a Dallas-based executive recruiting firm with specialties that include healthcare. “Employers…are looking for people serious enough about their career to get training and expertise to function effectively. Seek out degrees, certifications and training seminars that would give you a body of knowledge to function at a higher level.”

Follow trends

The biggest trend right now is the aging baby boom generation. This demographic shift could have all kinds of implications for your career in healthcare. “They will constitute the largest group of consumers of healthcare,” says Zoch. “There are certain things they will need that will drive demand for services – wearing out knees, hips and shoulders; surgery; orthopedic recovery; physical therapy; occupational therapy; and oncology. These [career] areas are all in high demand.”

Share your goals with your superiors

“Go to your superiors and say ‘here are my career goals and how do I augment them?’” says Carey Scheible, healthcare practice leader for Charles Aris, an executive recruiting firm in Greensboro, N.C. “A person in healthcare or other professions should be sitting down with their supervisor every six months to discuss career plans.”

Get a good mentor

“Seek out the top performer within the hospital and land that person as your mentor,” says Greg Harper, a vice president with Charles Aris. “They become your career coach and push you.”

Seek out the best in your field

“Align yourself with facilities that are on the cutting edge of those types of new technologies, the ones leading the charge for these new areas,” says Zoch. “It’s important, because in any job it’s not what you do, but who you get to do it with. You want to work with top people in any field.”
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