Entry, Experienced & Executive Hiring Demands Still Equal Across the Board With Some New Twists by Kaye/Bassman Partner Chris Melillo

Entry, Experienced & Executive Hiring Demands Still Equal Across the Board With Some New Twists by Kaye/Bassman Partner Chris Melillo


Kaye/Bassman Partner Chris Melillo Featured in The Oklahomain Article: Former Chesapeake Workers’ Employment Prospects Dependent on Career

Dallas, Texas, 3/3/2014:

As graduation nears and campus recruitment intensifies, individuals seeking careers in Oil & Gas have an incredible window open to seize the right position for themselves with some emphasis on positions that haven’t been emphasized as much in the past as they are now. As far as newly created roles for the experienced and executive level professional, there hasn’t been some creatively structured description come about but there continues to be “newly created” positions that are more relevant to the activities & focus within each O&G sector.

For the Entry Level/Fresh Grad, there is a wide open door. With the industry still not operating with much greater than a 3:5 ratio of potential candidates to open roles within the respective Oil & Gas operations, we will continue to see a very high demand for what will be referred to as the “traditional” roles, (e.g. Reservoir, Production, Completions, Drilling Engineers and Well-site, Development, Subsurface Management & Exploration G&G Professionals) we are also seeing a good portion of the asset diverse organizations with offshore activities seeking to hire, train/develop entry level Petroleum, Mechanical, Chemical and Electrical Engineering grads to be developed in various sub-sea roles. With the ever increasing production sites continuing to be developed, there is a greater need for individuals to support the Facilities Management needs. The need for well-developed individuals with these various skill sets does not necessarily dissipate post-construction for the offshore or onshore operators. The offshore rigs and sub-sea infrastructure is generally in a state of perpetual need as production and/or asset growth will interrupt either the mechanical integrity or based on growth, create needs for expansion, repair & improvement of the infrastructure. This status in the industry will continue to create roles for both the E&P Operators as well as continue to create a high demand on the Service/EPC companies. This is both for the Upstream as well as the Midstream sectors with less demand at the Refinery/Downstream sector. While there are still needs in Downstream, it does not suffer as great of a differential in talent versus need. While there will always be opportunities for organizations to “Top Grade” in the downstream sector, the fresh grad would usually not fit into the “Top Graded” classification as that is often nominated to the experienced and/or executive levels. The level of site development that is continuing to occur also puts a strain on the HSE/HSSE groups. Individuals with Geoscience, Petroleum, Civil Engineering, Biology and other related academic focused disciplines are beginning to pursue the roles at higher rates, but that increase is still leaves many gaps in these areas. We are also watching many organizations outsource more of the Environmental functions at a much higher rate. Some of these outsourced functions include Environmental professionals focusing just on the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) activities as they would apply to the NEPA standards. With the increase in Upstream activity, the demand in this capacity also would apply to the Midstream sector as geographical possibilities become constrained and wins for right-of-way opportunities usually have significant well exposed success for the PM’s engaged in those activities. We have seen fresh grads gain high levels of responsibility in much shorter time frames than you would expect for something so crucial. But, this type of role/responsibility is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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