(You should ask these questions of Kaye/Bassman as well!)

  • How much revenue did the top five recruiters do last year?
  • How many $400k+ producers have they developed over the last several years?
  • What is the tenure of top producers?
  • What is the opportunity for ownership within that firm?
  • What is their formal training program?
  • What is their career path?
  • What does the leadership, support and operations team look like?  What people are in place to help me maximize my production?
  • How do you recognize success within your office?  Awards, incentive trips, etc.

Simply put, we have the most tenured, best practical business experience of most any search firm.  We have the leading training program in the entire recruitment industry; we know this because over a thousand recruiting firms in over two dozen countries have paid us to help train their team. We don’t see this as training our competition, but rather as helping to elevate the overall competencies all recruiters and, as a result, the reputation of our industry. This is reflected in our Life Law of abundance.


To begin, our six month Foundation Training Program will provide you with well over 100 hours of personalized training to equip you with the fundamental skills we feel necessary for success in search.  Our Corporate Training Team as well as your individual Practice or Team Leader are dedicated to providing you with proven best practices and real-time coaching to help ensure you have a thorough daily plan, effective scripts, and direct feedback on day-to-day activities.  Our trainers are experts at setting measurable expectations for your success and then knowing how to cultivate your skill set to achieve your sales goals.  We are confident that our training program provides all of the tools and resources needed for success – but it is up to you to pick up those tools and use them!


Success within our organization is available to everyone (but is of course not guaranteed to anyone)!  Therefore, your career path is whatever you choose it to be based on desire and merit.  You may choose to be a solo producer, or you may choose to grow a team or teams around you.  Our environment is one in which you are in control of your lifestyle, balance, future, and income.  You have flexibility as to how you can build and grow, but with the structure and support from others who have paved the way for your success.  That said, most of our recruiters choose to strive to qualify to become a partner within our organization; once you become a partner, you have the opportunity to purchase a piece of the company and receive distributions based on the profitability of the firm.  Our equity program is certainly not the only reason the tenure of our partner group is 17+ years with Kaye/Bassman, but it is certainly an appreciated opportunity to earn an income on more than just your (or your team’s) personal production!


New associates will most likely join an existing niche in which we have a track record of success and existing clients.  However, in some situations, you may have a professional track record and network that will afford you immediate credibility with clients and candidates.  In those situations, we can explore the possibility of starting a new niche that leverages your professional experience thus far.  We will assist you with this niche definition throughout the interviewing process and help you define the world in which you will now be the relied upon expert!


Several factors can influence the amount of time it takes to ramp up, including your market, your intensity, and your talent.  Some experience success within their first month, while others may take six months or more to create a consistent level of production.  Some individuals struggle in their first year, yet their second year yields a significant level of income – and vice versa.  Generating six figures in the first year, while challenging, has been achieved by many.  In year two, this level and well beyond become regularly attainable.  Recently, one of our search consultants generated income in excess of $500,000 in his second year.


The decision to migrate from the comfort and security of a base salary to an income that is dependent on your results is certainly a calculated risk.  However, it is a risk that many take and truly crave for their compensation to be a direct correlation to their success.  If you were to buy stock, would you prefer to make an investigated, wise and cautious investment in a company you believe in, or invest in government bonds?  Although bonds are the safe bet, they provide a safe return – but not exponential.  Success cannot be guaranteed in this business, but there is no doubt that joining Kaye/Bassman dramatically increases the odds, the speed and the level of success!


If your mindset is “what are my work hours and how long is the allotted lunch break” then we can all but guarantee that this is not the right match!  Every producer at Kaye/Bassman should feel as though they are running their own business.  Your questions should be “how many hours do I get to be open” and “what can I do to maximize my sales in the first year”!  The truth is that the more you put in, the more you will receive.  Working hard and working smart are not mutually exclusive concepts – imagine the success you could have if you were able to do both!  In order to fully absorb you into this business and your niche initially, you should be prepared for rigorous days in the first few months in order to decrease your ramp-up time and fill up your production pipeline as much as possible.  Once you have a successful niche developed with a consistent pipeline of activity, the flexibility afforded in this profession is one of the primary reasons people are drawn to it.  However, in order to have the opportunity to earn the income that physicians earn after decades of practice, you must be willing to have a short-term imbalance in the beginning in order to earn the right to a long-term balance in the future.


There is no such thing as a typical day, but we’ll give you a generalized idea!  If two of our primary objectives when becoming a market master are to get to know every prospective hiring manager and every viable candidate, those objectives will drive your daily activity.  Your days will consist of a mix of research, planning, and sales activities.  In terms of research, you will allocate a portion of your day to conducting market research via the web and industry publications, learning about industry trends and uncovering viable openings within potential client organizations.  You will spend time on professional networking sites, identifying possible candidates and hiring managers.  You will spend time planning for your call activities – which specific candidates you are going to reach out to, and what organizations should be on your call list.  And the majority of your time will be spent in outbound sales activities – this could be on the phone with a hiring manager with the objective of securing a search assignment, or on the phone with a candidate where the objective is to recruit that individual.  Eventually, your sales activities will include preparing candidates and clients for interviews, debriefing, advising on offers, and coaching through the resignation and transition process.  If you are working as a project recruiter on an existing team, your emphasis will be on the candidate recruitment side of the placement process.  In time, you will learn and execute the entire process if desired!  Again there is no such thing as a typical day, but most recruiters will prioritize forward-motion sales activities above all else throughout the day.


Recruiting is absolutely a sales business, requiring you to be proactively involved in the direction of your day.  Simply put – you will build your business by being on the phone, making proactive, outbound calls into your marketplace.  Not a couple calls, not a few calls, but an incredibly high volume of client and candidate calls into your market.  If you can measure this, it will look like over 3 hours of active connectivity on the phone in your market every single day.  That might seem simple – but there is a challenge that comes with talking with individuals who, many times, do not necessarily want to be talking with you initially.  Your candidate pool is gainfully employed, they are generally content where they are, and they do not usually want to speak with you until you can show that you can provide value to them that will be relevant either now, or in the future.  Your client pool is hearing from other recruiters, may or may not have urgent and critical needs, and have other tools they are utilizing that they feel accomplish the same thing you are asking for the opportunity to accomplish.  Recruiting is a business that requires live interaction.  Success requires commitment and internal accountability – something that sounds good in theory, but requires unparalleled dedication that only a few can handle.


If you have the drive and determination to grow your own career, have high expectations for your professional ambitions, and desire to be in control of your lifestyle, work-life balance, and income, we look forward to talking with you soon about joining Kaye/Bassman!  Please review the Next Steps section of our website to continue in this process.

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