6 Bad Work Habits to Avoid for Career Advancement

6 Bad Work Habits to Avoid for Career Advancement


6 Bad Work Habits to Avoid for Career Advancement

Plano, Texas, 1/25/2011: Jeff Kaye, CEO of Kaye/Bassman International Corp., was recently featured in a story about improving career prospects in 2011 published by the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Mr. Kaye spoke in a collaborative article about six bad work habits that can hold employees back:

1. Don’t come in late and leave early because you may not be considered an essential part of the team.
2. Don’t gossip, backstab or use passive aggressive techniques. Instead, respectfully confront others.
3. Don’t blame others for mistakes. Take responsibility for mistakes and correct them after an apology.
4. Always follow through with commitments.
5. Don’t make excuses or deflect criticisms. Learn to receive critiques and feedback without overacting, Mr. Kaye says.
6. Ask for help when you are overwhelmed, which can prevent future problems, said Linda Henman, president of Henman Performance Group in St. Louis.

Read the Philadelphia Inquirer report on career prospects.

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