4 Things to Know About Filling Leadership Postions

4 Things to Know About Filling Leadership Postions

An Interview with Greg Zoch, Managing Director of Kaye/Bassman International

From Becker’s ASC Review
Written by Stephanie Wasek 
Thursday, 29 January 2009

It’s probably no secret to anybody who owns and operates an ASC that surgical volumes are being affected by these challenging economic times. At best, things probably won’t improve until the third or fourth quarter of this year, once the economy starts to stabilize and patients meet their yearly deductibles. Accordingly, the need for astute managers in the ASC sector is greater than ever, says Greg Zoch, an equity partner with executive search firm Kaye/Bassman, who focuses on identifying, attracting and landing top talent for ASCs and specialty hospitals.
Here are four of his observations

1. A good administrator is important in the best of times but is crucial in tough times. “The demand for top clinical and business leadership is as great or even greater now and it

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