Bradley Richardson Talks LeBron James Breakup

Bradley Richardson Talks LeBron James Breakup

Bradley Richardson, Managing Partner at Kaye/Bassman International is featured in Palm Beach Post.

News story written by Staci Sturrock at Palm Beach Post   |  Arts and Culture, Sports  |  July 13, 2010

Almost overnight, he went from King to quitter.

When LeBron James announced that he was leaving his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat, some fans reacted with a little heat of their own – torching LeBron jerseys. It felt cruel, she says, and that’s what fueled fans’ feelings of anger and betrayal – common reactions when a valued member of a team decides to leave, says an executive recruiter.

You could see it in Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert’s open letter to fans, in which he called James’ departure “a shocking act of disloyalty,” says Bradley Richardson of Kaye/Bassman, an executive search and recruitment firm based in Dallas. “No matter how much you’re one of us, the moment you resign, you never were that good anyway. When people resign, even for the right reasons, it is personal to the employer, and there is always revisionist history.”

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