Advancing Companies
and World-Class Leaders
Since 1981

Discover how Kaye/Bassman delivers industry-specific
talent solutions to help organizations grow.

Client Focused Search™

Powered by our Client Focused Search™ methodology,
Kaye/Bassman leads the industry with best practices
in key-talent consulting, recruitment and executive search
for growing firms and all of their leadership talent needs.

On a Different Mission

Our mission and life laws define our higher purpose in service
to others, "To craft a legacy built from our continuous growth
and improvement of our Clients, Candidates and Families."

Global Network Resources

Our family of companies provides solutions in recruitment,
training, leadership consulting and marketing communications.

Powering the
Global Enterprise

The growing talent shortage means forward-thinking companies
need a strategic partner with the industry insight to find
the right talent. Kaye/Bassman consultants employ our
Market Mastery™ model to find those A+ passive candidates.

Top Talent Delivered

For your critical, key hires in today's fast-moving world,
Kaye/Bassman trusted advisors and recruitment
consultants know where to find the top performing
talent in your industry.

Thought Leaders + Industry Insight

Our consultants are seen as the go-to resource and recognized as
industry experts by a wide range of media outlets including CNBC,
The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Business Week, USA Today, Fox News,
Dallas Business Journal, Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg, CNN and more.

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Top-Ranked Executive Search Firm

Kaye/Bassman recruiting consultants specialize in Client Focused Search™ and are the innovators of the Market Mastery model. This means we know who the top performers are in each industry and bring those human resources to firms seeking a competitive advantage.


For over three decades, we’ve delivered A+ talent to leading companies to meet their strategic objectives, assisting them to grow market share, and dominate in their markets. That’s all we do.


Our track record of success in helping clients gain a competitive advantage and candidates in advancing their careers.


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Client Focused Search™

Our patented Client Focused Search™ approach enable us to identify, attract, evaluate and acquire the right candidates to fill key positions. You benefit from our flexibility in our process, relationship and terms for the unique needs and expectations of your search.

Market Mastery™ Specialization

Discover how working with a Kaye/Bassman consultant brings key insight to your next hiring initiative. We provide executive search, professional recruitment and consulting insight for a wide range of functional areas, industry sectors, position levels and geographic locations.

Track Record of Success

Leverage our track record of success and help your firm gain a competitive advantage. We’re recognized as a top recruitment firm and the largest single-site search firm in the country. To bring the top talent to your organization, connect with a Kaye/Bassman consultant today.

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